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The upcoming G7 summit in Japan

The G7 consists now of 7 countries. These are top industrialized nations: the US, the UK, France, Italy, Japan, Germany and Canada. The European Union has its representatives, Mr Juncker and Mr Tusk. In 2014, after the annexation of the Crimea, Russia was excluded from the G8 group. Such a behavior was not accepted by other members of the group. Last years’ summit took place in Germany. This year, the 42nd summit will be held in Japan from 26 to 27 May under Japanese presidency. The main points of the agenda have been recently revealed and they touch mainly economic issues. The perspectives released or the decisions made there by the finance ministers and governors of the world’s draught horses will surely affect the forex markets. Although forex trading is safe and sound even after the 2008 crisis, the countries’ economies still struggle for a higher GBP growth. One of the agenda’s points comprises building a strong international financial architecture. This architecture is like a spider’s web – no matter which string you touch, the web trembles and so might the trading platforms. Turbulences on markets originating from the speculation, new financial instruments and forex trading are incidents which the summit is going to resolve. Even the use of best forex trading platform can’t prevent from the exchange rate fluctuations appearing after the summit. Every trader must watch his or her automated trading equipment, if the resolutions are to be harsh. Their patterns, even the best robots delivered by trading platforms, may not be sufficient. Other point of the agenda is integrity of the financial flows in the light of the recently released “Panama Papers”. The agenda says, the transparency is very important and that significant steps have already been taken.

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