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Foreign exchange market is the most unpredictable market on Earth. Due to numerous speculators, extraordinary sizes of some deals which can overturn the economy of a whole country, it is also a very risky market. Forex market is open for five days a week. Trading begins early in the morning on Australian market and finishes at late evening hours on Friday. The highest activity levels on forex are registered during the working hours of the biggest American stock exchanges. Forex trading the refore requires non-stop news stream. Some events come totally out of blue, but some are released or known earlier. One thing is ironclad – accidents from one part of the world affect forex trading around the globe. In order to catch up with the events around the world, which influence the exchange rates, every trader needs to have a dependable source of information. Trading platforms and other developers of programs offer a wide range of various applications. These apps can be often downloaded and installed on most devices, from smartphones and tablets operating on iOS, Google Android or Windows phone system to laptops and stationary computers. Basic features of these apps are live charts tracking the exchange rates and fx trading signals with recommendations created by built-in algorithms. These programs usually dispose of real-time newsfeed with selected and shortened articles. Before downloading one, you must check, whether the app has push notifications. Notifications are useful, since if something significant happens, then you are the first person to learn the news. Another feature is an economic calendar. It reminds you of events that are known earlier, like the disclosure of economic data by a central bank. It is recommended to get an app made by best trading platforms, because they are experts on forex and have access to more info than an average developer.

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